[Openicc] OpenICC Configuration 0.1 DRAFT 1

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Thu Nov 24 08:41:34 PST 2011


following is the description draft of the JSON Configuration format used 
by Taxi and supported by Oyranos. The format was originally based on ucmm 
from Graeme but extended in many areas by various people.

This draft is intented for correction not for substantial modifications.
For the later please open a OpenICC Configuration 0.2 thread. Thanks.


ucmm 	2008-05-14 	Graeme Gill 	Initial proposal for ArgyllCMS

ICC meta Tag for Monitor Profiles - DRAFT 3 	2010-12-01 	Kai-Uwe 
Behrmann, Richard Hughes, Max Derhack, Lars Borg and others 	EDID keys 
for ICC meta tag

OpenICC Configuration - 1.0 DRAFT 1 	2011-11-24 	Kai-Uwe Behrmann, 
Sebastian Oliva, Richard Hughes 	Oyranos and Taxi DB format

Table of contents
1 Introduction
2 Specification
2.1 Format
2.2 Keys
2.3 Locations
3 References

== Introduction ==

The OpenICC Configuration, in the following text simply named 
Configuration, is intended to share common configuration properties 
through colour management systems and desktops environments.

== Specification ==

The Configuration uses the JSON format to store data.

=== Format ===

The Configuration is stored in the well known JSON format inside a tree 
data structure. The key prefix contains "org"/"freedesktop"/"openicc".

Keys are usually grouped into sets either by namespaces like 
"configuration" or by JSON format arrays.

JSON keys are literal strings in ASCII. Values are literal strings in 
UTF-8. It is recommended to write floating point numbers as strings to 
avoid imprecisions during reading.

=== Keys ===

Keys can have a key prefix to handle key sets like flat data in the ICC 
meta tag. A prefix is upper letter [:alpha:] and a underscore '_'. The key 
name itself should be lower case and separated by underscore '_'. The 
string for the 'model' key with the 'EDID_' prefix would become 

The "prefix" key is optional and can contain a comma ',' separated list of 
prefixes for key names. A interpreter can then easily remove the prefix to 
search for common key names in the data base, while maintaining the 
origin. "EDID_model" can be resolved to "model" in absence of a explicit 
"model" key. Example "prefix"="EDID_,OSD_".

"icc_profile_hash" optionally contains the ICC hash value to specify a ICC 

"icc_profile_file" optionally contains the ICC profiles file name.

"creation_date" mandatory contains the date and time of entry creation and 
should be updated on each change. Something human readable would be great. 
But we can as well agree about an other format.

"expire_date" optionally contains data/time for showing a user a message 
to update the profile with a new one.

"automatic_assignment" mandatory contains "1" for automatic generated 
fallback style profiles in a local DB. "0" is to be used for explicit set 
user selected profiles. This is useful to know which profiles should 
easily be overridden.


   "org": {
     "freedesktop": {
       "openicc": {
         "device": {
           "monitor": [
             { "prefix": "EDID_",
               "EDID_model": "LCD one",
               "icc_profile": "profile_name_from_edid.icc",
               "creation_date": "05-08-11T11:59:50Z",
               "expire_date": "05-08-12T11:59:50Z",
               "automatic_assigment": "1"
             { "prefix": "EDID_",
               "EDID_model": "LCD two",
               "icc_profile": "profile_name_vendor.icc",
               "creation_date": "05-08-11T11:59:50Z",
               "expire_date": "05-08-12T11:59:50Z",
               "automatic_assigment": "0"

=== Locations ===

File locations to write to are:

local: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/color/openicc/ or ~/.local/share/color/openicc/

global: /etc/xdg/color/openicc/

Read from XDG_CONFIG_DIRS/color/openicc/ directory. The Configuration file 
ending is 'json'.

The Configuration JSON can be used as file or by a in memory string 
representation for exchange among supporting applications.

== References ==

1. International Color Consortium


3. meta tag - http://www.color.org/ICCSpecRevision_25-02-10_dictType.pdf

4. ISO 8601 - Data elements and interchange formats – Information interchange – Representation of dates and times

2010-2011 © Kai-Uwe Behrmann

Kai-Uwe Behrmann
developing for colour management 
www.behrmann.name + www.oyranos.org

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