[Openicc] Hello from me

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Sat May 5 05:18:13 PDT 2012

Hi all,

Kai-Uwe and I have spoken much at LGM about OpenICC, past behaviour
and working together. The conclusion we came to was that we'd both
acted badly in the past with unfair statements and silly tit-for-tat
attacks on each other. Some of this I think was due to inherent
cultural differences, some of this not. I think that applies to a few
other people on this list too.

We've come to an agreement that it's perfectly okay to have different
implementations of a CMS stack on Linux, and it's okay to disagree
with how something is built or designed. We both agree wholeheartedly
it makes a ton of sense to share specifications. The fact that colord
and Oyranos are so different is a good thing, and as is usual with
open source, we can cross-pollinate the good ideas from one to

In light of this, Kai-Uwe has reviewed the metadata keys I have been
using in colord, and I will add them to the next version of the
OpenICC metadata specification. Similarly, the other keys that Oyranos
uses for profile matching (that colord doesn't) will be added to the
profiles when they are generated by gnome-color-manager. It's only a
few hundred bytes after-all.

Together we're going to write a better description of what the OpenICC
mailing list is all about, and what it should be used for. With this
kind of document existing, we can point people (or people can point me
at) when things go slightly awry and blood starts boiling for whatever

We've got so few people interested in color management using open
source, we can't really afford to have a huge rift at this stage. I'm
pretty proud that we've addressed a lot of things today and are moving
forward, and I think that will be of benefit to both of us.


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