[Openicc] Gutenprint team requests CM-off for a print queue be provided as a maintained engineering facility.

Graeme Gill graeme at argyllcms.com
Thu May 10 05:34:06 PDT 2012

Richard Hughes wrote:
> ...would be a complete non-starter. People printing targets are in the
> 0.00001% of our userbase, and I'm not sure we want GUI controls for
> that small number of people. Can't we just document a terminal command
> that would turn off all printer CM completely?

Without the ability to print targets though, the whole print
chain is worthless since there's no way of color profiling it.

Making it super difficult to profile means that people who are
inclined to do so, will simply will give up. And that means
that profiles won't be made to let the other 99% of users
get good color. So the end result is that people either
have to put up with bad color on your system, or move over to
a system that does let them (or the experts they rely on) get
what they want.

Graeme Gill.

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