[Openicc] Gutenprint team requests CM-off for a print queue be provided as a maintained engineering facility.

Chris Lilley chris at w3.org
Fri May 11 06:09:14 PDT 2012

On Thursday, May 10, 2012, 2:34:06 PM, Graeme wrote:

GG> Richard Hughes wrote:
>>  People printing targets are in the
>> 0.00001% of our userbase, and I'm not sure we want GUI controls for
>> that small number of people. Can't we just document a terminal command
>> that would turn off all printer CM completely?

Richard, at LGM we had a conversation where you said you wanted CM to be as simple as possible for most people and I said that was fine as long as the simplicity did not prevent people who needed higher quality from doing their work.

Not being able to switch off colour management on a given queue means not being able to profile the device on that queue, so seems to fall into that category.

Imagine if there was manadatory full-screen colour management and the colorhug had to measure a screen and then find the profile that was used and try to undo what it did, to get a measurement ...

GG> Without the ability to print targets though, the whole print
GG> chain is worthless since there's no way of color profiling it.


GG> Making it super difficult to profile means that people who are
GG> inclined to do so, will simply will give up. And that means
GG> that profiles won't be made to let the other 99% of users
GG> get good color. 

Or it means that inaccurate profiles will be made because the patches were generated and printed incorrectly.

GG> So the end result is that people either
GG> have to put up with bad color on your system, or move over to
GG> a system that does let them (or the experts they rely on) get
GG> what they want.

This is well put.

If the concern is confusing users, then (on a GUI) hide it in 'advanced options' or guide them with 'you will not normally need this, unless you are profiling the printer'.

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