[Openicc] Gutenprint mission as Linux moves towards color managed workflows

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Mon May 14 03:20:55 PDT 2012


 Maybe I have not made myself clear enough. There are a lot of "partially
cooked" useful states in Gutenprint, and one, two or three flags aren't
enough to describe them; more will be necessary, but I don't think they
will be needed in CUPS, nor should they be defined now.

I am not rejecting Graeme and Kai-Uwe's remarks; it is just that due to the
immaturity of our system, and the fact that it will be crowdsourced we may
wish to define the various user-modes more precisely once the prototypes
are up and running. Existing RIPs expose linearisation and then profiling,
but in our case we aim to be able to expose much more as our mission is to
be open-source and very flexible.

 My hope is that Till's work, and Joseph's GSOC project which has per-queue
in it will quickly get us a working system so that  domain experts like you
can play with the functionality and provide feedback.


On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 11:56 AM, Jan-Peter Homann <
homann at colormanagement.de> wrote:

>  Hello Edmund,
> Kai-Uwe /and Graeme ) proposed an additional option
> "org.linuxfoundation.calibration=off" for the case, that the linearization
> curves are made by printing a linearization-testchart and measuring it.
> In your case,  it should be "org.linuxfoundation.calibration=on" but
> "org.linuxfoundation.color-management=off"
> Best regards
> Jan-Peter
> Am 14.05.12 11:31, schrieb edmund ronald:
>>  Edmund, Robert and Graeme,
>> do you agree to map a additional org.linuxfoundation.calibration=off
>> option to Gutenprint's ColorCorrection=Raw makes sense?
>> kind regards
>> Kai-Uwe
>>   Kai-Uwe,
>  NO. Under no circumstances.
> The CUPS "color-management=off" flag and the internal Gutenprint flags
> cannot be linked.
> This would break the intended  functionality.
>  As an example, assume I want to profile one of the *existing* historical
> print workflows for say an Epson 9600; the present PPD  invokes a lot of
> hand-established calibration, but as a first attempt I would simply switch
> CM off at the system level and attempt to profile over the existing
> behavior in the hope that the result is usable. So in this example, I would
> not be using the "Raw" flag in Gutenprint.
>  Edmund
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