[Openicc] Gutenprint mission as Linux moves towards color managed workflows

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Mon May 14 13:18:43 PDT 2012


On May 14, 2012, at 12:04 PM, James Cloos wrote:
> Based on the recent posts (esp Graeme's reference to [1] and Michael's
> recomendation to use a string prop rather than a bool prob for better
> compatibility), it seems like the best way to easily cover every need
> would be to have a single prop which can take one of serveral options:
>      raw, adjusted, separated, calibrated, profiled

The only change I would recommend is to the last one - call it "normal" instead of "profiled". Not only is that more explicit about the intent (the normal mode) but you'll get fewer questions when users start playing with this new "expert" option they think will solve their current woe...

Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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