[Openicc] Gutenprint mission as Linux moves towards color managed workflows

edmund ronald edmundronald at gmail.com
Mon May 14 12:55:24 PDT 2012

Hi James,

 I had a dentist visit today I am not the sharpest knife in this box, but
today I feel especially blunt. However.

 Firstly, I would like to extensively thank those who will implement what
is under discussion. But I would also like to thank *everyone* who has
lately made comments here: We will all spend many hours working with the
software that comes out of this, as implementers, as domain experts, and as
users. And we will probably do a lot of  moaning about some workflow
issues. And at that time we will reflect whether or not we made a good
design and whether we talked it through enough or not enough.

 As a teacher I used to tell my students that, yes, variable names matter;
so I hope you will find a good name for this option.

 Now as to the values of this option, I did read [1] when it was written,
and in fact I agree with every word in it. How could I not ? Graeme's voice
 is the voice of wisdom :)  And yet that little rebellious part of me that
has done some profiling when younger and even read the Gutenprint code
(Robert, what does "xxx" mean? Edmund you can read the code and find out)
 this voice says that Graeme"s list of states is not exhaustive,so please
leave some mechanism for extending it easily. Maybe by having multiple
values simultaneously if that is not too hard, asMichael recommends a
string. Lastly, I would suggest that there is a single universally accepted
value for that option, which is "profiled and ready to print", and that
meaning might usefully be assigned the privileged numeric value 0.

Back to my anesthetized dreams ...


On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 9:04 PM, James Cloos <cloos at jhcloos.com> wrote:

> Based on the recent posts (esp Graeme's reference to [1] and Michael's
> recomendation to use a string prop rather than a bool prob for better
> compatibility), it seems like the best way to easily cover every need
> would be to have a single prop which can take one of serveral options:
>      raw, adjusted, separated, calibrated, profiled
> with profiled as the normal default.  It probably would be useful to
> accept either shortest matching strings or a digit string (raw==0, ...
> profiled==4) to ease typing when using them at the cli.
> I do hope we end up with an option which is *much* shorter than, eg,
> org.linuxfoundation.color-managed or the like.  Something more like
> OPColorManaged would be nicer.  A longer description can be provided
> in the ppd.
> Do read [1] to see why I suggest the names raw, adjusted, separated,
> calibrated and profiled, and in that order.
> 1] http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/openicc/2011q2/003659.html
> -JimC
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