[Openicc] Print PDF Color Management and Default Profile Tagging

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Sat Jun 16 14:32:51 PDT 2012

>>>>> "JS" == Joseph Simon <jsimon383 at gmail.com> writes:

JS> I would like to know if there needs to be something done with any
JS> /DeviceCMYK or /DeviceGray color spaces in the PDF?  Are they to
JS> remain untouched while we only assume sRGB in the PDF spool files?

Something needs to be done for the cases where the printer exepcts rgb.

Ghostscript has a DefaultCMYK icc profile, based on one of the SWOP
profiles, which it uses for DefaultCMYK.  One can override that with
any CMYK profile one prefers.

I suspect that those who have profiled their printer and those who have
a manufacturer-supplied profile might want to use that for DefaultCMYK.

For those w/o such a profile, using GS's should be OK.  (Europeans might
prefer one of the FOGRA profiles over a SWOP-based profile, though.)

I think the right answer is to look for an icc profile and use that.
And let sysadmins set said profile to a local preference.

OTOH, when sending the job to a self-managed printer, let the printer do
its job and stay out of the way.  Don't even specify a default for the
rgb in that case.  (The printer will have its own options to do that; one
does not want to interfere with that, else users will file bug reports.)

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