[packagekit] Install rpm similiar to livna repo for packagekit for f8

Christopher Desjardins cddesjardins at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 08:50:15 PST 2007

I'd like to suggest that someone create a .rpm package similar to the
one for Livna's http://rpm.livna.org/rlowiki/ repository for Fedora.
When you click on the Fedora 8 repository RPM link it prompts you to
install the rpm with Software Installer.  It than adds the repository
path to /etc/yum.repo.d/ thus making life just a little bit easier for
the end user :)  

Also splitting packagekit into packagekit.repo too would be a good idea
for the novice user that doesn't want the latest and greatest g-p-m or
that tends to run yum update or pup with their eyes closed :D  


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