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Tim Lauridsen tim.lauridsen at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 12 21:49:15 PST 2007

Richard Hughes wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 15:28 -0500, David Zeuthen wrote:
>> [1] : Sorry, I haven't studied the interfaces in detail so I'm making
>> this up. It may be just be noise.
> Nahh, much easier would be to just return Packages() with different
> types. At the moment we return stuff like:
> package security foo;
> package normal foo;
> package low foo;
> So maybe we just have:
> package cant foo;
> Richard.
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It is a difficult case the 'skip-broken' plugin i has written is working by depsolve each of the available updates, to see if it can depsolve without
errors, this functionality can be build into the YumBackend. But ït increase to time to get the updates. So it should be something there can be turned on/off. 

* Get the list of available updates.
* Foreach update check if it can be depsolved.
* if yes: submit package available if
* if no:  submit package cant foo

It i not easy to find the cause of why the package not can be updated is hard to get, because the error messages is not always clear.


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