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Robin Norwood rnorwood at redhat.com
Sat Oct 6 06:57:50 PDT 2007

Richard Hughes <hughsient at gmail.com> writes:

> On Fri, 2007-10-05 at 10:44 -0400, Ken VanDine wrote:
>> For the conary backend, refresh cache and get updates are completely
>> unrelated, since we don't look at the cache for updates.  However, I
>> do agree refreshing cache should be the first operation, and let it
>> run periodically.  I would also like a way to manually trigger get
>> updates.  Perhaps in pk-update-icon, add a 3rd item for "Look for
>> updates".
> What does RefreshCache actually do with the conary backend?
>> Also, people have complained about the icon coming and going,
>> confusing.  Perhaps we really should just leave the icon in the
>> systray, and allow all the actions to be launched from there.
> I've now made it go away straight away after doing an action, rather
> than waiting for the dameon to timeout.

Do we really need the icon to show at all?  Why does the user care about
caches updating, and updates being gotten, etc?  I would just have the
icon pop up if:

o There are updated packages
o The user asked to be notified.

Otherwise, be quiet.


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