[packagekit] Installing and removing packages always failes

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 14:51:50 PDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-10-19 at 18:26 -0700, Andreas wrote:
> Hi.
> Sorry for the long time I off. I'm learning and practicing for my
> driver's license and therefore am rather bussy (I'm looking forward to
> my holidays starting the week after next though)... and ohh! Congrats on
> the 0.1 release :)

Yes, we've all done well - 0.1.1 will be out next week also.

> I hope I can implement some of the new functions this weekend.
> So here's my problem:
> When I try to remove or install a package I immediately get an error
> dialogue box (pk-application). No matter whether I'm using the dummy or
> the alpm backend the according function doesn't even get called. And
> there is no usefull debug output. I have attached the messages anyway. I
> know It's rather unlikely you can guess the problem, but maybe you can
> give me some hints what i should check on my system? I start packagekitd
> and pk-application as root.

packagekitd runs as root, pk-application should be run as the current
logged in user.

> Searching works for both backends.
> ck-list-sessions shows my root gnome session. Any ideas before I must
> dive into the code?

You are logged in as root in GNOME?

> pk_engine_can_do_action] pk-engine.c:804 (18:04:25):    using
> caller :1.111
> [pk_engine_can_do_action] pk-engine.c:815 (18:04:25):    PolicyKit
> result = 'auth_admin_keep_always'
> [pk_engine_get_seconds_idle] pk-engine.c:2407 (18:04:26):
> engine idle zero as 1 transactions in progress
> [pk_main_timeout_check_cb] pk-main.c:121 (18:04:26):     idle is 0
> [pk_engine_get_seconds_idle] pk-engine.c:2407 (18:04:31):
> engine idle zero as 1 transactions in progress

This means that we have been asked to do something that needs auth and
we are asking for it, but nothing is listening. I think this is a broken
DBUS setup, although we shouldn't hang in this way even if this is the


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