[packagekit] QT bindings : restart from scratch, but they're coming back :-p

Adrien BUSTANY madcat at mymadcat.com
Fri Oct 19 15:47:35 PDT 2007

Hi there,
I recently received a mail from Kevin Krammer, a KDE developper. He told 
me than binding libpackagekit by wrapping the functions and the glib 
loop inside Qt was not the best thing, and said that using the DBus 
interface would be cleaner and would make it easier for KDE devs to use 
the lib. As I don't wan't to write some unusable, unmaintainable piece 
of software I started the bindings again, from scratch, using the DBus 
interface. I fighted a bit with some C++ things, but I finally managed 
to get the skeleton of the lib, and implemented search (with filters) as 
an example. I used my interface mockup (which will become the real 
interface) to command the lib.
I now need to tell the interface to put the results in a model (they're 
printed to the console for now), and I'll be more or less done for 
search (I'll have to implement groups, but yum doesn't seem to support 
them). Then I'll list the function present in libpackagekit and 
implement them in the Qt bindings. I'll also have to implement the 
policykit bits, I know there's a policykit-gnome package but I don't 
know if there's one for KDE (I'm a GNOME user).
That's all for today, see you for the next report :-)

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