[packagekit] QT bindings : restart from scratch, but they're coming back :-p

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 15:58:24 PDT 2007

On Sat, 2007-10-20 at 00:47 +0200, Adrien BUSTANY wrote:
> Hi there,
> I recently received a mail from Kevin Krammer, a KDE developper. He told 
> me than binding libpackagekit by wrapping the functions and the glib 
> loop inside Qt was not the best thing, and said that using the DBus 
> interface would be cleaner and would make it easier for KDE devs to use 
> the lib.

Sure. This means I have to be more careful with the DBUS interface
API :-)

> As I don't wan't to write some unusable, unmaintainable piece 
> of software I started the bindings again, from scratch, using the DBus 
> interface. I fighted a bit with some C++ things, but I finally managed 
> to get the skeleton of the lib, and implemented search (with filters) as 
> an example. I used my interface mockup (which will become the real 
> interface) to command the lib.


> I now need to tell the interface to put the results in a model (they're 
> printed to the console for now), and I'll be more or less done for 
> search (I'll have to implement groups, but yum doesn't seem to support 
> them). Then I'll list the function present in libpackagekit and 
> implement them in the Qt bindings.

There's no need to do them all, libpackagekit is a convenience library
after all. I would only do the ones you use.

> I'll also have to implement the 
> policykit bits, I know there's a policykit-gnome package but I don't 
> know if there's one for KDE (I'm a GNOME user).

What's the KDE naming policy? Do you want to create a QT binding for the
lib and a KPackageKit for the UI bits? Reusing QPackageKit would be

> That's all for today, see you for the next report :-)

Keep up the good work :-)


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