[packagekit] Initial impressions from 0.1.1 on rawhide

Matthias Clasen matthias.clasen at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 06:26:25 PDT 2007

I was giving Robins packages a test drive last night, here are some
unsorted impressions, mostly ui details. Of course, I left out all the
cool things that work nicely, and only nitpick on the details that are
not quite right yet...

pk-prefs: The wording is a bit unclear in "Install updates
automatically when on battery power". It could do with an "even"
inserted at the right spot, or reword it completely.

- would be nice to fill the treeview incrementally
- when moving the selection around or unselecting, the details pane is
not kept uptodate. Also, the search field is not cleared (not sure it
- after clicking on Depends or Requires, there is no way back
- the meaning of the icons in the treeview is not really obvious
- getting dependencies seems very slow, and has no progress indication
- the find button is insensitive when the search entry is empty, so
there is no way to list all packages
- why can't I search for "a" ?
- when I try to get Requires, I get both a dialog and a bubble telling
me that this functionality is not supported. The bubble is too much

- pretty slow to start up
- refresh seems to hang for a long time in the middle (it finishes eventually)

- seems to lie about the ability of the yum backend to report Requires
- it also claims that the yum backend can install local files.
pk-install-file disagrees

- the media-player like wait icon is really meaningless. why show an
icon for that at all ?

- the progress bars in the status bar make the ui look too busy, imo.
In most places a wait cursor would probably be more subtle, and enough
to indicate activity.


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