[packagekit] Backend API Thought.

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 06:55:07 PDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-10-26 at 15:49 +0200, Tim Lauridsen wrote:
> The problem is in yum you have dynamic Category/Groups defined in a
> comps.xml file loaded from the repositories.
> The comps files from different repos is joined into one category/group
> tree.
> Category1
>     Group1
>     Group2
> Category2 
>    Group3
>    Group4

Have you got a list of categories and groups?

> The Category/Group contains a id and a descriptive name and a
> translated names & decriptions all stored in the comps.xml files.
> These can not easily, be mapped to the enumerated groups used by
> packagekit.

Sure, but we can modify the API for this, or just add more enumerated
types. The yum backend can do the conversion trivially.

> There translation is done in the comps files, so the backend dont need
> to that translation, it just passes on the translation

No, I don't want to do this. As soon as you have backends passing back
localised text then you have to make each backed transaction aware of
what locale it is running in. This quickly becomes a nightmare with fast
user switching.

We can add enum->translations in the client program, but not in the


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