[packagekit] Detecting DISTRO upgrades

Elliot Peele elliot at bentlogic.net
Tue Oct 30 13:47:49 PDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-10-30 at 19:59 +0000, Richard Hughes wrote:
> Scenario:
> User is using Fedora 7. Fedora 8 is released that day. The user is
> prompted if they want to upgrade to the new version.
> Questions:
> * Do we deal with next-boot integration such like anaconda?
> * Do we do pre-download or just install a new $(distro)-release file
> * How do we know when the new distro is released? Metadata or RSS?

In Conary this is basically equivalent to switching labels.

For Foresight Linux we will just have a redirect on the tip of one
branch to direct Conary to move users to a new branch, Package Kit
doesn't really have to do anything to make this happen.

In other cases moving between labels/branches is not always through a
redirect. You might have someone who is on a stable branch and wants to
switch to a development or qa branch. Providing a method for doing this
may be useful for a qa team that doesn't necessarily know much about the
underlying package manager, but wants to test the latest update to


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