[packagekit] Detecting DISTRO upgrades

S.Çağlar Onur caglar at pardus.org.tr
Wed Oct 31 07:45:13 PDT 2007


30 Eki 2007 Sal tarihinde, Richard Hughes şunları yazmıştı: 
> Scenario:
> User is using Fedora 7. Fedora 8 is released that day. The user is
> prompted if they want to upgrade to the new version.
> Questions:
> * Do we deal with next-boot integration such like anaconda?
> * Do we do pre-download or just install a new $(distro)-release file
> * How do we know when the new distro is released? Metadata or RSS?
> Ideas welcome.

For Pardus upgrading a distro is just means switching the default repository 
to new one. But we didn't provide any metadata to inform the users and aslo 
we didn't switch repos automatically. 

To upgrade a newer Pardus version users will have to decide themself and 
change their repository configurations to new ones.

Maybe adding a upgrade-system method can deal with these for each 
distro/package manager but i'm not sure how distros will inform the PK for a 
new release.

S.Çağlar Onur <caglar at pardus.org.tr>

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