[packagekit] pk_backend_finished race issue

Tom Parker palfrey at tevp.net
Mon Sep 17 03:32:36 PDT 2007

Richard Hughes wrote:
> On 14/09/2007, Tom Parker <palfrey at tevp.net> wrote:
>> The second, I'm not
>> sure how to fix, and it happens every time. See test.log for the full
>> log, but the "GThread-ERROR **: file
>> /tmp/buildd/glib2.0-2.14.0/gthread/gthread-posix.c: line 385 (): error
>> 'Resource deadlock avoided' during 'pthread_join (*(pthread_t*)thread,
>> &ignore)'" at the bottom is not a healthy thing.
> This sort of thing needs to be added to a test-case and tested in make
> check as it's very difficult to get right. I'll have some time on
> Sunday to look at this, but until then I'll hold off committing.

I've attached a modified version of pk-self-test.c that causes the same 
problem, without requiring the apt backend, so everyone else can test 
regardless of what backend they're using (and something that can 
eventually be bludgeoned into being a "make check" test).


P.S. I can't seem to connect to git.packagekit.org right now.
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