[packagekit] Merging a ton of new code

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 15:48:15 PDT 2007


I'm about to merge a ton of new code. Right from the inception of the
DBUS API I wasn't happy about returning the tid from the new method, as
this meant we couldn't do fast sync methods or return async errors.

I think we are hitting the create->connect race for some backends, where
the finished signal is send before the connect. I've reworked the API to
do a two step init (like HAL) where we request a tid, connect out
callbacks, and do the method. This means we can send async callbacks
from the sync method. This is a good thing, and was blocking the 0.1.0

Both PackageKit and gnome-packagekit are affected as I've also really
simplified the client library (PkTaskClient+PkTaskMonitor->PkClient) so
expect a little instability for a few days. Please recompile both, and
report any problems to the list if you get new crashers or warnings.
I'll push to fd.o tmw if there are no problems.



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