[packagekit] Moved PackageKitBaseBackend in the packagekit python module

Tim Lauridsen tla at rasmil.dk
Wed Sep 26 01:20:59 PDT 2007

Robin Norwood wrote:
> Tim Lauridsen <tla at rasmil.dk> writes:
>> I have make so changes to the packagekit python module so the backend 
>> python classes used by
>> yum & conary helpers, is located in the module.
>> I have moved the module from python/ to python/packagekit/ and added 
>> some links to the yum & conary helpers dir, so the
>> python helpers can run from the helpers/ dir.
>> I have fixed the Makefile and the yumBackend.py & yumConary.py, so 
>> everything is working (I Hope :) )
>> I somebody could check if the rpms looks sane and the file is located in 
>> the right places.
> This looks good to me.  We could also move the, er, 'frontend' stuff out
> of __init__.py if you want.  I think 'import packagekit.frontend' (or
> whatever) would be ok, at least.
> -RN
Sound like a good idea, then __init__.py could contains common stuff, if 
something like that pops up.

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