[packagekit] Package update policy

Tim Lauridsen tla at rasmil.dk
Wed Sep 26 23:54:08 PDT 2007

Richard Hughes wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-09-26 at 16:49 -0400, Robin Norwood wrote:
>> Richard Hughes <hughsient at gmail.com> writes:
>>> On Wed, 2007-09-26 at 15:21 -0400, Bryan Clark wrote:
>>>>   - Silently download updates in the background
>>> Hmm difficult, as UpdateSystem is a one-method call, not a two level
>>> "download" and then "install". We could fix that tho, although I'm not
>>> sure the backends would be able to do what we wanted.
>> Instead of always requiring a two-step model, you could have an optional
>> 'predownload' step for backends that support 'download only'.  Then when
>> the 'do updates' step occurs, a smart backend should make use of the
>> predownloaded bits.
> What about UpdateSystem(b=prepare)? What backends could support this?
What about making a new download_updates backend call, then the backend 
can if it is supported download the packages into the local cache
Then the normal update will installed the packages in the cache, or do 
the same thing as today, if no packages is in the cache or the 
download_updates is not supported.
This can be implemented with the yum backend.

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