[packagekit] slow connection & offline users problem.

Shishir Goyal crazyontheedge at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 10:28:03 PDT 2008


> I don't know any thing about service pack. does it allow me to chose the
> program that I want to install.

> I need to know more about service pack. and how to test it. I have
> fedora 9 installed along with Ubuntu Hardy

I believe this explains what is a Service Pack:


> Example: I want program called "filezilla" in synaptic I mark it,
> Synaptic marks it's dependencies too.
> I generate the script then I extract the URLs and go to the fast
> internet. then I from my machine I chose Add downloaded packages and
> point to the files.
> How that can be done with service pack?

You carry the list of packages on your system(with poor or no
connectivity) in a .txt file, say, package-list.txt in your USB key
and attach it to the system with a high speed Internet. And just run:

pkgenpack --with-package-list /media/USB/Usama/package-list.txt
/home/highspeednetsys/Desktop/filezilla.servicepack filezilla

on your terminal.

This would generate a Service Pack named filezilla.servicepack on the
Desktop of the system on which you just executed the above command,
which would include filezilla and the deps required by your
system(read, the target system for which the pack is made, or from
which you generated package-list.txt).

You can carry back filezilla.servicepack on your USB or any media to
your system and just double click it to install it or just run:

pkcon install /media/USB/Usama/filezilla.servicepack

And you get filezilla properly installed with the required deps. Do
not forget to give the Service Pack to your friend with same


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