[packagekit] slow connection & offline users problem.

Usama Akkad uak at aya.sy
Sun Aug 24 00:11:22 PDT 2008

Thank you, but getting things to work from command line isn't unknown to
I know that Synaptic is GUI for apt and I don't need to use command line
when dealing with it.
In packagekit I miss that simple feature that synaptic has. and asks for
a little enhancement that Synaptic dosn't have which is Updating the
packages lists on off-line PC Using GUI.


Shishir Goyal wrote:
> Hello,
>> I don't know any thing about service pack. does it allow me to chose the
>> program that I want to install.
>> I need to know more about service pack. and how to test it. I have
>> fedora 9 installed along with Ubuntu Hardy
> I believe this explains what is a Service Pack:
> http://www.packagekit.org/pk-faq.html#service-pack
>> Example: I want program called "filezilla" in synaptic I mark it,
>> Synaptic marks it's dependencies too.
>> I generate the script then I extract the URLs and go to the fast
>> internet. then I from my machine I chose Add downloaded packages and
>> point to the files.
>> How that can be done with service pack?
> You carry the list of packages on your system(with poor or no
> connectivity) in a .txt file, say, package-list.txt in your USB key
> and attach it to the system with a high speed Internet. And just run:
> pkgenpack --with-package-list /media/USB/Usama/package-list.txt
> /home/highspeednetsys/Desktop/filezilla.servicepack filezilla
> on your terminal.
> This would generate a Service Pack named filezilla.servicepack on the
> Desktop of the system on which you just executed the above command,
> which would include filezilla and the deps required by your
> system(read, the target system for which the pack is made, or from
> which you generated package-list.txt).
> You can carry back filezilla.servicepack on your USB or any media to
> your system and just double click it to install it or just run:
> pkcon install /media/USB/Usama/filezilla.servicepack
> And you get filezilla properly installed with the required deps. Do
> not forget to give the Service Pack to your friend with same
> requirement!
> Regards
> --Shishir
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