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dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Fri Aug 22 11:39:37 PDT 2008

I have a use case that i discussed with
Adrien and we are not sure how to solve.

You select a big package to install,
call installPackages(pids), ok this will take a while
then you decide to install more packages
but this time installPackages got queued,
this 2nd installpackages has a package that need
to accept eula.
So i think you will only know that when the 1st
transaction finishes...
As it will take a while you logout, and login...
now i have two thing i don't know (just figured out one more :P )
* the 1st transaction finishes and how do you
have a popup that has to accept eula?
(this includes more problems... )

* ok, now you click on the tray icon and select the 
2nd, transaction in one minute the 1st one finishes and
the 2nd emmit accept eula, you agree (as always :) )
and then installPackages must be called again.
Now, does the getRole return packagesId so i can discover
what was asked to install? i mean i'll will be ugly to store
this data on the gui side (if the relogin switechs form kde
to gnome).

* when the user is going to accept the X crashes
so he will never see the 2nd transaction anymore..
as it is Finished(accept eula)

Adrien and i thought that this way should change
A Finished transaction should be really finished.
If you are waiting to install signature or accept
eula you shoud be at status Accept eula,
this way when the X crash (i'm just creating a possibility :) )
you will still be able to click on the tray icon
"Installing Packages vim ( waiting for eula to be accepted)"
and when you accept it the transaction continues.
And only finishes if the user does not accept the eula
or a error really happen.
Also if the user click on the :
"Installing Packages vim ( waiting for eula to be accepted)"
the transaction UI can check the get status() and
see that "waiting for eula to be accepted", and
it can then ask for the eula again so he can continue to read
from where he stopped as the X crashed :P

Please comments,
I hope not to be complicating more the things,
or maybe this was already planned and i just don't
know what should be done.


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