[packagekit] Moving some stuff out of libpackagekit

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 05:32:32 PDT 2008

pk-debug.[c|h] and pk-dbus-monitor.[c|h] are not specific to PackageKit,
and so I've moved them out of libpackagekit. The new prefix for these
objects is egg_$, so all the pk_debug calls have been now renamed
egg_debug and pk_dbus_monitor to egg_dbus_monitor.

These egg files are designed to be used in other projects just by
copy/pasting them, similar how the libegg library used to be used in
GNOME. I don't want to bloat the library with convenience functions that
have nothing to do with PackageKit specifics. Long term I'll aim at
getting some of the egg functionality into glib.

It also allows me to keep similar code in sync across my other projects.
I'll be ripping bits of pk-common.[c|h] in the same way in a little bit


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