[packagekit] PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.3.12 released!

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 14:20:58 PST 2008

Today I released PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.3.12.

PackageKit release notes: 
 - Fix up the DBUS interface and destination rules to work with CVE-2008-4311 (Richard Hughes)
 - pk-generate-package-list is not used anymore, remove from the man page (Anders F Bjorklund)
 - Fix a small memory leak in pk_transaction_action_is_allowed (Richard Hughes)
 - Don't emit a critical warning if the desktop file is not valid (Richard Hughes)
 - apt: Fix apt configuration (Sebastian Heinlein)
 - yum: Add a few more entries into the comps groups mapping (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Catch yum.Errors.RepoError when we get the yum comps groups. Fixes fd#18722 (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Remove two developer debugging statements left in by accident (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Don't error out if the non-installed dep check fails. Fixes rh#474138 (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Catch all exceptions from self.yumbase.doConfigSetup() as yum doesn't
        seem capable of catching it's own exceptions internally. Fixes fd#18834 (Richard Hughes)

gnome-packagekit release notes:
 - Show the 'Force Install' button on the unsigned dialog UI (Richard Hughes)
 - Don't abort with an error if we are using small form factor mode (Richard Hughes)
 - Set the run window modal over the parent window to fix rh#475046 (Richard Hughes)
 - Set an interaction mode in gpk-application when we refresh the package lists (Richard Hughes)
 - Don't send signal during object init - upper layers need to hook up first (Scott Reeves)

Tarballs available here: http://www.packagekit.org/releases/

Thanks to all those who made this possible.


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