[packagekit] gnome-packagekit flames^Wreview

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 11:16:07 PST 2008

On Mon, 2007-12-31 at 13:26 -0500, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> On Dec 31, 2007 12:57 PM, David Zeuthen <david at fubar.dk> wrote:
> > > Well, I would argue that installing and removing software /is/ system
> > > administration rather than anything special enough to get a menu root
> > > position. What was the rationale to making pirut a root level menu item?
> > > Surely we should just reserve that spot for the simple "application
> > > chooser" that we have yet to built.
> >
> > Curious; how would that differ from "Add/Remove Software"? Why would I
> > use one over the other? (IOW: who are you designing for?)
> It would be application-centric, as opposed to package-centric, and
> would probably use the menu hierarchy instead of package groups.

Exactly. I.e. you do search-as-you-type web and you get firefox if there
is an install and not remove. I.e a simple "I'm not sure what I want,
but I want to do $foo" - hopefully this will link up with mugshot and
the online desktop thing.

> > Btw, suggest to introduce nomenclature and stick with it; e.g. what
> > comes out of Bodhi should be referred to as an "Advisory".
> One point to notice about advisories is that they can include several packages.
> I noticed that this information gets lost in the packagekit ui, where
> every row is
> a single package. Or at least it appeared that way to me. How does
> packagekit handle multi-package advisories ?

I would hope that the multi-package advisory would be shown in all the
packages that are referenced.

> > So maybe you shouldn't do a release with such dire bugs present? I know
> > all about the "release early, release often" mentality and it's fine
> > but.. really.. I think things like that qualify as release blockers. It
> > just makes the product as a whole feel very unfinished and unpolished.
> Come on, software is never finished. And while annoying, this is
> certainly not a release-stopping bug for a development release. We are
> not talking about 1.0 here...

Totally. I'm relying on lots of other people, and mistakes can, will and
should happen on something developing so fast.

> > I'd initially focus on making the software updater work really well. I
> > think one nice solution for this is to make the "Software Update
> > Viewer" (e.g. what I'd call "Update System") a task driven wizard
> > interface (e.g. GtkAssistant) that looks like this
> This sounds very interesting, indeed.

Agree. It certainly sounds better than what we have already. I'll follow
up on your mail in a few minutes. Thanks.


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