[packagekit] A new design update viewer

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 13:42:53 PST 2008

On Wed, 2008-01-09 at 13:24 -0500, Robin Norwood wrote:
> Richard Hughes <hughsient at gmail.com> writes:
> > On Sat, 2008-01-05 at 07:49 -0500, James Bowes wrote:
> >> It might also be useful if we could work in some way with the summary
> >> page to let a user just install all security updates, for instance.
> >
> > I've merged the new-look update viewer. Expect a few teething problems
> > but I think it's lots better than the old one. Please yell if you find
> > any problems or have any suggestions.
> This seems like an improvement to me, but...

Buts are always good :-)

> o It seems odd on the first page to have a list of (at most) 3 or so
> items (normal updates, security updates, ?).  Then we jump to a separate
> window if we want details.  Maybe a hybrid where you have '2 normal
> updates ->', then a click to open up a 'tree' of the normal updates.

Maybe, I'm not against this idea but I quite liked the simplicity of the
"how important are the updates" overview window.

> 2 normal updates -> (click)
>   - Foo update
>   - Bar update
> And then click on Foo update or Bar update to open up the details pane.
> This is kindof a step backwards to what you had before, though...

Sure. I like to keep things quite simple.

> o I strongly agree with Matthias about changing the text to read "2
> normal updates" instead of Normal updates (2)."


> o Why can't I change my update prefs from this window?  A short menu
> might be a good place for that, and you could put the
> not-very-often-useful 'Force Refresh' button as a menu item instead.

What's the HIG say about putting this is in the menu? And a link to the
prefs program is very sane IMO.

> o On my system, the 'details' pane shows four lines, but also has a
> scrollbar so you can scroll down and see the little blank space below
> the lines.  Can we just make this show all the data in the pane with no
> scrollbar?  Assuming a fixed number of lines, this should be safe.

It's not a fixed number of lines. I'm guessing you're on rawhide, and
you don't get the extended metadata you do from fedora-updates.

> o There's no way back to the first page!

There is now! :-)

> o When I click from update to update, the details pane goes away and
> returns.  Can we just blank it out and leave it open until it's
> refreshed?

Do you think this is better? What do you other guys say?

> o There are potentially more details for a given update - can we have
> double-click open a new window with lots of detail?

Hmm. I think it should all be shown in the textview widget, we can
scroll down if required.

Thanks for the comments, appreciated.


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