[packagekit] gpk-application ui review

Matthias Clasen matthias.clasen at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 10:04:14 PDT 2008

Here is a list of annoyances with the latest gpk-application UI that I
already told Richard on irc:

- Why a toolbar ? If we need to have a toolbar, we have to do better:

- All buttons have text, making the window much too wide, with no way
of shrinking it to
     less than half the width of my 1900x1200 screen

- We lost the "Quit" when the menu was turned into a toolbar

- What is the 'list' that Add to list, Clear list and Show list refer to ?

- "Software sources" is not really an action that one would expect to
see on a toolbar...

- The icons in the package list now serve a dual role, by showing both
the current status (installed/uninstalled) and the action that a
package is marked for (install/remove). I think we need at least a
tooltip on the icon to make this clear ("This package is marked for

- The horzontal layout makes it impossible to resize the details part
to make the file list not wrap in ugly ways

- The temporary half-width statusbar is unusual. I don't like it...


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