[packagekit] gpk-application ui review

Adrien BUSTANY madcat at mymadcat.com
Thu Jun 5 11:24:14 PDT 2008

Matthias Clasen a écrit :
> Here is a list of annoyances with the latest gpk-application UI that I
> already told Richard on irc:
> - Why a toolbar ? If we need to have a toolbar, we have to do better:
> - All buttons have text, making the window much too wide, with no way
> of shrinking it to
>      less than half the width of my 1900x1200 screen
> - We lost the "Quit" when the menu was turned into a toolbar
Well, the Quit button is maybe not necessary, as the user can simply 
close the window. The problem though with the close button is often that 
the user doesn't know what to expect when he clicks on it.
> - What is the 'list' that Add to list, Clear list and Show list refer to ?
Maybe we need a clearer metaphor there, it could be "add to transaction" 
(obscure ?), "add to cart" (too commercial ;-) ), something like that.
> - "Software sources" is not really an action that one would expect to
> see on a toolbar...
> - The icons in the package list now serve a dual role, by showing both
> the current status (installed/uninstalled) and the action that a
> package is marked for (install/remove). I think we need at least a
> tooltip on the icon to make this clear ("This package is marked for
> removal").
> - The horzontal layout makes it impossible to resize the details part
> to make the file list not wrap in ugly ways
> - The temporary half-width statusbar is unusual. I don't like it...
> Matthias
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