[packagekit] New backend

Daniel Nicoletti daniel_nic85 at yahoo.com.br
Sun Jan 4 09:23:38 PST 2009

Hi list,
some of you already know that i'm writting a new APT backend.
Why? well i think apt already had 3 backend afaik the fist was
in c++, python + c++ and the current one c + py.
so why another one? Since i get in touch with this project
i was willing to help with the apt backend since i use Debian
and it somehow means bussines for me, but i can't help with
python i just don't like py coding, but i was too new to the project
and i didn't knew any apt internals that i decided to go with
kpackagekit. now that it's usable (not the way i would like to),
i decided to give apt another c++ try, and in one month of
just a very few hours i have something already in nice shape.
The mem usage of python was also one thing that i don't like
here it goes to 60mb ~80mb and this don't fit the usage in 
thinclients (which is my main objective), so this aptcc backend
is consuming lets say 10mb.. of couse i don't have all the code
that py has but code does not consume that much mem.. the
speed is also better but i prefer that you take a look and try searching
terms like gnome on both backends...
But the more important feature that i miss in py since i got here
was the localization of sumaries and details done by the backend
using the apt feature. And i'm glad to say that this is already working
in the c++ backend.
So i'm trying to stabilize the search method that alread has almost all
the filters py has.. search description works too but i want to test it
working with localized descriptions.

I want to know if someone has something agains me pushing this
to master so more people can help with testing and code the backend
is called aptcc so it does not conflic with anything.

BTW i didn't solve the install/remove problem, but in c++ i can help
"solving" that :D

Thanks all,

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