[packagekit] Res: Res: Res: New backend

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Thu Jan 8 17:18:00 PST 2009

>btw i was comparing getPackages result and i found a bug in my backend
>and one in yours :P
>mine is simple and i'm fixing now.. ( i was emmiting the wrong version as i have
>apt pinning set up here) and py one is that i have a Unknown package emmited
>and that packages is a plus my list has 25510 pkgs and py has 25511 :P
>i don't have any idea where is this pkg comming from but if you whish i can try
>to do some tests...

today i fixed the versions bug i said about (i should search for pin in aptitude source code,
there is a method that read the pins file :P ) but i created a huge leak so
i'll fix before creating that branch.

But the reason of this email is that py getPackages has no such bug i told
i thought it was as i was using awk to grab the second column and
at some point the pkcon or pybackend emmited
Percentage: Unknown
i don't know what that actually means but no need to worry :D
so now py apt and aptcc emits exactly the same list.


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