[packagekit] building packagekit from source

Anders F Björklund afb at algonet.se
Wed Jan 28 03:01:33 PST 2009

Richard Hughes wrote:

>> Unless you are making "servicepacks", as those are distro-specific ?
>> (i.e. you need to be blessed by pk_get_distro_id() for them to work)
> Correct. If you look at lib/packagekit-glib/pk-common.c you'll see  
> there
> is a function pk_get_distro_id() which a distro might need to patch to
> create service packs. This is pretty trivial.

Yup, but a bit hard to do from the plugin package manager backends :-)

Maybe it should support a fallback distro config file in /etc/ 
PackageKit ?
(like /etc/PackageKit/Distro.conf or whatever, if *-release isn't found)

So that adding a new distro doesn't need patching/recompiling, I mean...


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