[packagekit] Aptcc improvements

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Tue Mar 10 15:01:49 PDT 2009

Hi all,

now that polkit-qt is release and pretty stable i get back
to play with aptcc.
It now features:
- search_file()
- get_files()
- search_details()
This is one of the coolest searches as it can search on both
pt_br and c locale, which makes you able to search for
"cd burning" or "gravação cd" and get k3b and others :D

I'm not using xapian yet, i don't even know if xapian can get
the translated strings but the speed is pretty much the same
as py apt (i'm not sure if xapian is allways activated) some times
faster. Normally it takes 3 ~ 9 seconds (depending on the number
of search terms).

- search_name()
This one already existed, but i improved the matching system,
now one can search for "     doc      aptitude" and get the following

notice the spaces and the switched order :D

My next step is implementing getRequires and getDepends,
and i'd like to know if i can merge with maste so i can have more
people testing and playing with.
currently it's located in a branch called aptcc.


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