[packagekit] Releases pre-anouncements

Antonio Lima amrlima at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 08:34:22 PDT 2009


Seg, 2009-03-16 às 10:52 +0000, Richard Hughes escreveu:
> On Sun, 2009-03-15 at 20:50 -0100, Antonio Lima wrote:
> > I'm a member of the Portuguese GNOME Translation Team and I've
> > translated gnome-packagekit to Portuguese (PT). I will do my best to
> > maintain the translation 100% done for releases. 
> Excellent, thanks! If there's ever any bad strings, yell and we'll do
> our best to either add a comment, or fix them up.

I found gnome-packagekit strings very well commented. Some comments were
quite funny too! If I find any bad strings I'll mail the list.

> Well, if you look at http://www.packagekit.org/pk-download.html you'll
> see releases are normally pretty frequent, normally once ever two to
> three weeks. I'll probably be reducing that soon, as the quantity of
> code going into PackageKit is reducing, and the daemon is becoming more
> stable in general. I normally break the release schedule frequency if
> there are a load of important updates, or a new feature I want to get
> distros testing.
> With that in mind, how about we propose a new release schedule of the
> first Monday in the month? I think this gives the translators enough
> time to work their magic, and also will get us in to a more stable
> release cycle. I'm also thinking of migrating gnome-packagekit to gnome
> release numbering, and switching the gnome-packagekit project to stick
> to the GNOME feature, translation and code freezes.
> Comments?

Speaking as a translator, having a fixed release schedule is really
great, I maintain already quite a few modules, and it's hard sometimes
to know everyone's release method. A couple days of string freeze also
helps to get things done but that's an extra. It's good news for me.


António Lima
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