[packagekit] reverted unicode patch

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 12:08:15 PST 2009

I've had to revert this commit just now:

commit e39cb1df0d1d5c0acd3b6251020104dcc5842480
Author: Sebastian Heinlein <devel at glatzor.de>
Date:   Wed Nov 4 10:49:51 2009 +0100

    Python Backend: Consider the stdin/stdout encoding converting the
    arguments to unicode

I bisected the yumBackend.py failure to this commit. Before the commit:

sudo ./yumBackend.py get-details
details	gnome-python2-gtkspell;2.25.3-13.fc12.3;i686;updates	GPLv2+
and LGPLv2+	other	This module contains a wrapper that allows the use
of gtkspell via Python.	http://www.pygtk.org/	21368

after the commit:

sudo ./yumBackend.py get-details
message	could-not-find-package	Package
gnome-python2-gtkspell-2.25.3-13.fc12.3(i686)updates was not found

This must be causing some sort of issue in yum -- although I'm pretty
sure yum is unicode aware (or it might be yum is broken). Either way
we can't accept a commit that breaks backends in obscure ways -- I've
got no idea if this commit might break the PiSi backend for instance.

Sebastian, if we can fix this up so that yumBackend.py works then we
can revert-the-revert, if you see what I mean. I understand the
problem you are trying to solve, but I think the patch needs more work



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