[packagekit] Slight Glib2 API break

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 05:12:59 PST 2009

So glib2 is ready for the 0.6.x branch (currently pencilled in as
December) I'll be making a few API changes in the glib2 library. The
DBus interface, as well as the QT, C# and glib libraries are
unaffected by this change.

The changes are:

pk_client_search_name -> pk_client_search_names
pk_client_search_file -> pk_client_search_files
pk_client_search_group -> pk_client_search_groups

This is so that programs that are compiling against the glib2 library
(which is feature preview in 0.5.x) can just be trivially recompiled
when 0.6.x is released. 0.5.x glib2 continues to be API and ABI

If you want any big API changes for 0.6.x (except the OR searching
capability which I've already coded, and hence the changes above) then
please shout in the next few weeks.

As soon as 0_5_X is branched, then the glib library will be removed
from master, and glib2 will be declared ABI and API stable.


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