[packagekit] PK glib vs PK glib2

Zhu, Peter J peter.j.zhu at intel.com
Tue Nov 24 07:01:58 PST 2009


I do see PK glib2 is one of the most significant changes or features for 0.6.x. But I have some foolish questions here, I might need more history info.

Even 0.4.X like 0.4.7 has asked for glib-2.0 in configure.ac, so what does those 0.4.X PK ask for glib-2.0? 

What's the benefit of glib2 version than glib? Taking a glance at header file like pk-client, seems async call is the most significant one. Can you elaborate on why it's "this makes the client tools faster, more stable and more supportable"?

Last, what the difference between glib and glib2? In current linux distros, most of them just only ship with glib2 no glib any more. So since old PK works very well in these system, I think glib2 is back-compatible with glib, right? Can I say the main benefit of glib2 than glib is of async mechanism?


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