[packagekit] PK glib vs PK glib2

Zhu, Peter J peter.j.zhu at intel.com
Tue Nov 24 17:56:54 PST 2009

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> 2009/11/24 Zhu, Peter J <peter.j.zhu at intel.com>:
> > I do see PK glib2 is one of the most significant changes or features for 0.6.x.
> But I have some foolish questions here, I might need more history info.
> > Even 0.4.X like 0.4.7 has asked for glib-2.0 in configure.ac, so what does those
> 0.4.X PK ask for glib-2.0?
> PackageKit-glib2 and PackageKit-glib are the library names.
> PackageKit-glib was a simple GLib-style thin-wrapper around the DBus
> API. PackageKit-glib2 is a set of more complex GObject objects that
> uses the PackageKit API. As such, PackageKit-glib2 is bindable by
> languages like javascript and python, and is much more maintainable as
> it uses GObjects and the GLib type system throughout.
> By modelling PackageKit-glib2 on gio, we've got async and sync
> versions of the library that can be used in the normal way, rather
> than having to play tricks with mainloops like we used to do.
> The confusion I think you've got is between PackageKit-glib2 and
> glib-2, the system library. PackageKit has always required glib-2,
> even for PackageKit-glib.

Very clear now. Thanks

> Richard.
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