[packagekit] PK glib vs PK glib2

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 08:14:02 PST 2009

2009/11/24 Zhu, Peter J <peter.j.zhu at intel.com>:
> I do see PK glib2 is one of the most significant changes or features for 0.6.x. But I have some foolish questions here, I might need more history info.
> Even 0.4.X like 0.4.7 has asked for glib-2.0 in configure.ac, so what does those 0.4.X PK ask for glib-2.0?

PackageKit-glib2 and PackageKit-glib are the library names.

PackageKit-glib was a simple GLib-style thin-wrapper around the DBus
API. PackageKit-glib2 is a set of more complex GObject objects that
uses the PackageKit API. As such, PackageKit-glib2 is bindable by
languages like javascript and python, and is much more maintainable as
it uses GObjects and the GLib type system throughout.

By modelling PackageKit-glib2 on gio, we've got async and sync
versions of the library that can be used in the normal way, rather
than having to play tricks with mainloops like we used to do.

The confusion I think you've got is between PackageKit-glib2 and
glib-2, the system library. PackageKit has always required glib-2,
even for PackageKit-glib.


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