[packagekit] PK glib vs PK glib2

Anders F Björklund afb at algonet.se
Wed Nov 25 00:24:12 PST 2009

> In PackageKit, "glib" means glib 2.0.14+ and "glib2" means 2.0.22+
> Some distros don't have "glib2" yet, such as FreeBSD and Slackware.

In main that is, as pointed out privately. It does exist in the
add-ons for GNOME 2.28, but the main have either 2.20 or 2.18...
(currently only GNOME 2.26 is released there, so need "current"
pre-release in order to have the required version of GNOME/Glib)


PS. No ideas where those extra zeros came from. Must've been late...
     If anyone wants to test "ports" or "slapt" with glib2, please do:
     http://www.freebsd.org/gnome/ for FreeBSD (the "ports" backend)
     http://gnomeslackbuild.org/ for Slackware (the "slapt" backend)

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