[packagekit] Privileges handling in complex situations

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Sun Oct 25 08:37:55 PDT 2009

> Hello,

> The Simulate* methods now allow to preview complex transactions, which
> e.g. require additional removals next to an installation.
> But how should we handle the privileges?
> Here are some use cases:
> - User is allowed to install, but not to remove software. User
>   wants to install postfix, which would remove exim.
>   How should the backend know about the missing privilege?
> - User A and B are allowed to install software. User A queues an
>   installation, e.g. exim. User B also queues an installation shortly
>   before the previous installation was processed, e.g. postfix. 
>   Currently privileges are only checked at transaction init time, but
>   not afterwards anymore.
> How do you plan to solve this in your aptcc backend, Dantti?
Of course this kind of problems were known when simulate* was
created, but the solution is the same as in trusted, the backend
checks for trusted or in this case would check for the especific auth.

Of course this is not ideal but Richard prefer to not break API in 0.5
so probably in 0.6 we will have this better.


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