[packagekit] Implementation of searchFiles in APT backend

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Tue Oct 27 05:51:27 PDT 2009

Just to update every one,
the Debconf Dbus frontend was created
and works perfectly well with aptcc,
(already has a Kde frontend to easily
integrate in KPackagekit)
the only problem is that Colin Watson
(a debconf dev) didn't like to have it,
(since it duplicates Passthrough frontend
now we are in a discussion of what's the
best option but every problem apt vs packagekit was
addressed with aptcc (just standing this issue with debconf),
whether or not to use on ubuntu I don't know since I do not
use it, but besides being faster and uses less
ram it is well tested since much of aptcc code
comes from very well used tools like apt-get,
aptitude and synaptic. I'm just waiting for
the solution Debian devs will want.


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>Assunto: Re: [packagekit] Implementation of searchFiles in APT backend
> > >
>Id be curious to hear what Michael Vogt has to say about APTcc and the work being done to PK about debconf which Daniel has spoken of.  Is that heading on the right track to make Ubuntu consider it as the default backend to USC? And what other questions or concerns he may have about it.
>> Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 13:56:27 +0100
>> From: matthias at nlinux.org
>> To: packagekit at lists.freedesktop.org
>> Subject: Re: [packagekit] Implementation of searchFiles in APT backend
>> On Sun, 25 Oct 2009 09:25:15 +0100, Sebastian Heinlein <sebi at glatzor.de>
>> wrote:
>> > On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 11:53:40PM +0200, Matthias Klumpp wrote:
>> >> On Fri, 23 Oct 2009 16:22:26 +1300, Jean Hubbard  wrote:
>> >> Wow! Last hour I tried the APTcc backend instead of the APT backend on
>> my
>> >> Ubuntu machine: Never thought that it could be so much faster!
>> >> I haven't measured anything, but APTcc is so much faster than APT that I
>> >> could remove nearly all threads I use and I would not see any
>> difference!
>> >> A standard installation of Songbird takes 10 minutes with Listaller
>> using
>> >> PackageKit with APT backend. If I switch to APTcc backend, it only needs
>> >> 5
>> >> minutes (which is far too much, I improve this at time).
>> >> I will give APTcc a closer look...
>> > 
>> > May I ask which kind of transaction do you call? I am not familiar
>> > with your project. Do you call a lot of SearchFiles and later a
>> > InstallPackages?
>> I call a lot of SearchFiles (over 116 times in the sample test package),
>> then often a Resolve (10 times in sample package) to check if packages are
>> already installed, and the a InstallPackages (currently one for every
>> package, but I will change this)
>> The problem is that the app has to check which packages contain the
>> libraries the to-be-installed application needs. So we have a lot of
>> searchFiles calls, but the setup package can be installed on many recent
>> distributions.
>> It may be important that (on this early stage) I call searchFiles one after
>> one. If i supmit the request parallel I'm sure this will be a lot faster.
>>  Matthias
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