[packagekit] Supporting plugins search and installation

Naba kumar naba.kumar at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 07:38:01 PST 2010


In Anjuta, we are hoping to make things easy for users to find and install plugins, something akin to how firefox addons are managed. Clearly, it's best to be done with packagekit. This is something many other applications with plugin/extensions support will benefit without reinventing wheels.

In typical setup, these plugins are referenced using some kind of metafile. For example in Anjuta we have /usr/lib/anjuta/*.plugin files. They can come from any arbitrary sources and are supposedly already available in distro repository.

What would be nice is to have wild card search capability in packagekit API for provides and supported by all the backends. In Anjuta for example, user can select "Get more plugins" and it can then find/list all packages providing "*/anjuta/*.plugin" files.

Is there any possibility it can be done (or already done :))? We are looking forward to giving a really smooth and elaborate plugin management through this.


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