[packagekit] Debconf and PackageKit Was Re: Packagekit and Ubuntu

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Tue Feb 9 07:12:05 PST 2010

> > For real if you don't like my methods and you already have yours
> > I'm ok, actually you will do a much better job than I, I'm just
> > having the felling of the need of another proxy program to be
> > running on the user session which is the part I don't like,
> > but of course I might misunderstood you model.
> > 
> > So, how will client tools start debconf as user?
> The model that James outlined does involve a process to be a broker
> between the PackageKit client and the debconf backend.  The number of
> processes is the same, though, as that broker process is actually a
> debconf frontend in and of itself, and is able to respond to debconf
> commands without spawning another process to do so.  (It doesn't
> necessarily have to actually display an X window all the time, of
> course.)
> One alternative that avoids the broker would be to have the PackageKit
> client sit on org.debian.Debconf itself, and when it receives method
> calls it starts up a debconf-dbus subprocess and proxies them through.
> This requires more code in PackageKit to do the proxying, though, and
> doesn't seem really all that useful; I think the first model also makes
> it easier to implement clients other than PackageKit that use this.
Well I think a simple patch in GPK and KPK could start this broker,
and have it running for all parent process lifetime, the problem with it
running all the time is that it might die and it consumes memory and
startup time, which I really would like to reduce.
Currently I'm rewriting a printer-applet for kde just to avoid 19mb of ram
essentially useless, that's why I'd like to avoid all that I can of process
running all the time.
Also I think it's quite simple for any app to start a helper
a simple ifndef makes everyones happy :D

> Design review is helpful, even though I've been slow to respond so far!
Ok, I'll check that code and try to do some tests.

Thanks to be working on this,

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