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Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Thu May 20 12:06:48 PDT 2010

In this last UDS we discussed about these stuff
and what we are going to do is to support App-Install
and change KPackageKit to be a little like sw-center,
right now I'm trying to fix some bugs in KPackageKit
and integrate debconf support which is more important
atm, if you are willing to help I'd appreciate.

My nick is dantti on irc,
Daniel Nicoletti - KDE Developer
When a wicked man dies, his hope perishes;
all he expected from his power comes to nothing. Prov. 11:7

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> Hello!
I'm following the PackageKit project since the first drafts (2008, I 
> think)
and believe it is one of the most important projects for the Linux 
> desktop
at time. I recently ported my universal application manager and 
> software
installer completely to PackageKit. One of my last projects was the 
> trial
to write a replacement for the Ubuntu Software Center for KDE, based 
> on
PackageKit. (I'm completely new to Qt4 programming with C++, but I got 
> the
most important parts working) Last week I found Richard's 
> project
"AppInstall" at Github [1]. Someone mentioned it in the IRC channel 
> while
talking about the UDS-M.
This project looks very promising - and it 
> makes the Software Center
replacement obsolete if it was integrated into 
> KPackageKit. It also covers
a few features of my universal application 
> installer. Now I wanted to ask:
How's the current state of the project? Will 
> it be integrated into
PackageKit or moved into a separate module? And is 
> there a way to help
developing this project? I would be really interested in 
> this although I'm
not really the greatest C developer. (Only used it on 
> Windows a few
If theres something I could do... Another 
> question: Will AppInstall be able
to load the existing data of Debian 
> app-install? (I think not, because
Debian uses a Xapian database and the 
> specs suggest a SQLite db.)
Thanks for your reply!
Kind regards
> Matthias Klumpp

P.S: I hope the PackageKit list is the right one for 
> questions about
AppInstall :-P

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> >http://github.com/hughsie/app-install/tree/master/src/
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