[packagekit] PackageKit App-Install

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-pk at yahoo.com.br
Thu May 20 12:58:01 PDT 2010

well I don't think you will have problems with C++
at all, it might be a different toolkit but that's just a
detail. I can help you if you are unsure about something
in Qt.
To support debconf we are going to move the code
from adept (in kde's playground), to a shared library
so things like libapt-qt can use it too. It's not a hard
task, you just need to find which files are important
and put then in different directory, we also need to contact
the adept maintainer if he's ok that we chage
it's code to use the lib too.

once we have the debconf code in a separate lib
we integrate it into KPackageKit and we are good
to move on supporting more things.

I can assist you on moving these files
especially if you don't have a kde svn

are you ok with this?


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