[packagekit] PackageKit 0.6.10 released!

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 09:38:07 PDT 2010

Version 0.6.10
Released: 2010-11-01

 - This is the first release of PackageKit to support session
   configuration helper support in the GLib and QT libraries.
 - This allows debconf to work when using PackageKit on Debian.
 - A formal transaction lifecyle is now in place, which allows future
   extensions to hook into the transaction at certain points.

 - glib: Add several more FSF free licenses (Richard Hughes)
 - glib: Add some C getters and setters for PkClient and PkTask (Richard Hughes)
 - glib: Fix up a lot of the gobject-introspection warnings (Richard Hughes)

 - alpm: Fixed detection code (Valeriy Lyasotskiy)
 - aptcc: Add a nicer string pointing to launchpad when the changelog
is not available (Daniel Nicoletti)
 - aptcc: Feature: added a fetcher/parser for updates changelogs
(Daniel Nicoletti)
 - dummy: Add a self test which uses the frontend-socket hint, and
plays ping-pong with the client (Richard Hughes)
 - slapt: Updated backend for compatibility with slapt-get 0.10.2g
(Jason Woodward)
 - smart: dpkg requires a PATH variable, so set it (Anders F Bjorklund)
 - smart: Set PATH for FreeBSD and Linux (Anders F Bjorklund)
 - test: Add a pk_backend_get_description() vfunc to allow the
backends to be loaded (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Add some initial code to support SearchGroup(collections) when
using the Zif backend (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Fix compile with libzif from git master (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Properly fix the Resolve(@category) search as pkcon needs this
to work to be able to install and remove groups (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Remove selinux-policy from InfrastructurePackages, it's
updated way too often (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Support SearchGroup(newest) when using the Zif backend (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Use the cache-age if set by the frontend (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: Use the Zif 'action-changed' signal to emit StatusChanged
events for the transaction (Richard Hughes)
 - yum: When returning results from SearchGroup(collections) check if
the groups are installed (Richard Hughes)
 - zypp: Call zypp_build_pool() when searching with what_provides (Zhang Qiang)

New Features:
 - Add a new optional hint, 'cache-age' to allow the frontend to
control the maximum age of the metadata (Richard Hughes)
 - Add PkClientHelper, which allows a helper session program to be run
for a transaction (Richard Hughes)
 - Add the concept of a transaction lifecycle (Richard Hughes)
 - Document the @category resolve special case in the specification as
it's been used for at least a year now (Richard Hughes)
 - Document the @category search in the docs, as it's been used in a
few backends for over two years... (Richard Hughes)

 - Add a special case of a DBus unique name of
:org.freedesktop.PackageKit which is used in the self check code
(Richard Hughes)
 - Always emit Message(BackendError) when there is a parsing error
from a spawned process (Richard Hughes)
 - Always emit the locked and unlocked signals even if HAL is not
available (Richard Hughes)
 - cnf: Pass all arguments to comand-not-found so we open the newly
installed tool with existing argv (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not strip the trailing plus when comparing licences, as GPL+
exists, but GPL does not (Richard Hughes)
 - Ensure we notice when a spawn command is invalid by printing it in
red on the command line (Richard Hughes)
 - Make PkLsof find lsof on Debian (Matthias Klumpp)
 - Make the output of command-not-found match the bash builtin. Fixes
rh#641311 (Richard Hughes)
 - Move the managed bindings to a seporate repo as they are very out
of date (Richard Hughes)
 - Prevent a segfault when estimating the time when the backend issues
many ProgressChanged signals at one time. Fixes #30941 (Richard
 - Raise the default of StateChangedTimeoutPriority from 5 seconds to
30 seconds. Fixes rh#641691 (Richard Hughes)
 - Require GTK >= 2.91.0 for the GTK3 version of the PackageKit font
install module (Richard Hughes)
 - Return with success if the database contained no proxy values for a
transaction, as this could be correct (Richard Hughes)
 - Switch from EggDebug to the GLib debugging framework (Richard Hughes)
 - Switch the default to UseUpdateCache=false now we are using
cache-age (Richard Hughes)

Tarballs available here: http://www.packagekit.org/releases/


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