[packagekit] [PATCH] Add support for Plasma service lookup

Duncan Mac-Vicar P. dmacvicar at suse.de
Mon Jun 20 05:49:18 PDT 2011

On 06/20/2011 10:31 AM, Richard Hughes wrote:
  > InstallResources("plasma-service", 
> rather than:
> InstallPlasmaResources ("the-provide-string-provided-in-the-rpm")

Fully agree with Richard here.

Most rpm provides are in the form foo(bar) so if you need perl's module 
Some-Module, the rpm provides will be perl(Some-Module).

I would better try to convince rpm provides in the (3-4...) rpm distros 
use something like Provides: plasma(ResourceName) and then the API 
Richards mentions would just work in a much generic way, and other 
distros (non-rpm) can implement it with something different than 
provides. (and we would not need one dbus call per resource type).

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